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American L3VEL3 professional contouring gel

American L3VEL3 professional contouring gel

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L3VEL3™ is the highest-quality trimming gel used in American barber shops and hair salons. In addition to greatly improving the efficiency of razor trimming in removing large amounts of hair, L3VEL3™ trimming gel has the largest The difference is that it provides transparency so you can see whether the blade on the razor is removing hair. It creates a protective layer between the blade and the skin, greatly reducing the sting of the razor.

. Extremely lubricating and moisturizing, suitable for all kinds of men's and women's facial contouring. The skin will not be dry after contouring.
. Transparent gel, you can clearly see the position where the blade slides, and the engraved line shape is not missed.
. Lasting protection, a protective film is quickly formed between the blade and the skin, effectively reducing discomfort.
. Actual tests in Europe and the United States have low irritation characteristics.
. Has a hair softening effect, no need to use hot towel to soften hair in advance

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