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Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone Santal + Vetiver Natural Deodorant | Sandalwood x Amber

Salt & Stone Santal + Vetiver Natural Deodorant | Sandalwood x Amber

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It uses all-natural ingredients and no added artificial fragrance formula, excluding aluminum salts, alcohol, pigments, chemical fragrances and allergenic fragrances. It is antibacterial and antiperspirant while also protecting the skin. It will not produce odor after sweating and keep you dry at the same time

  • Long- lasting and effective protection for up to 48 hours, all-natural, unisex
  • Helps mask underarm odor
  • Hyaluronic acid conditions and moisturizes skin
  • Probiotics help neutralize odors
  • Natural antibacterial and does not block sweat glands

Fragrance: Top notes - violet leaves, cardamom
            Middle note - iris, ambroxan, cedar base note
            Base note Australian sandalwood, amber, crystal

Bottle design: Made of recycled plastic. The production process is made from renewable energy sources such as solar energy and water power. It is an environmentally friendly choice.

main ingredient:

Probiotics —Balances skin microbiota imbalanced by excessive sweating and activity, bringing bacteria back to healthy levels


Spirulina Rich in antioxidants, it soothes and regenerates irritated skin exposed to the elements


Hyaluronic acid a hydrophilic moisturizing molecule that can absorb and retain 1,000 times its own weight in moisture


Antioxidant - Naturally anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals and protects skin from premature aging while soothing the skin

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