REUZEL HAIR TONIC藍豬水350ml / 500ml



Reuzel Tonic 含有金縷梅,蕁麻葉,迷迭香,馬鞭草等大量植物精華,能有效抗細菌,舒緩頭皮。用完頭髮順滑易打理👍
而且佢獨特既Reuzel 香味,用完有種置身於Barber shop既感覺

This professional Hair Tonic is an oil free formula for men that keeps hair in place all day. Unlike heavier formulas Reuzel Hair Tonic won’t weigh the hair down and restores a healthy natural looking shine for flawless styling. Reuzel tonic instantly creates a manageable well-groomed appearance.

Hair Type & Condition: For all hair types

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-greasy formula
  • Weightless but keeps hair in place all day
  • Excellent for scalp and neck massages
  • Perfect for wetting the hair during a haircut service

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply and massage vigorously to stimulate and cleanse the scalp (in the summer we like to use it cool from the refrigerator).
  • Use between work and play to revitalize your hairstyle and freshen your appearance.




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