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Ace High Co. Shampoo


Ace High Co.


以天然植物提取成分調配而成。包括維生素 E 油、海葡萄、紅藻和桉樹油,使用之後頭髮清爽,容光煥發, Gel頭都輕鬆過人。要整靚頭髮由一枝好quality嘅洗頭水開始

* 適合所有髮質
* 深層清潔 不會太乾 適當保濕
* 豐富的泡沫
* 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯和硫酸鹽
* 沒有動物試驗
* 橙皮和桉樹香味
* 美國製造

The first step of your morning routine is just as crucial as the last. It sets the tone for everything ahead. And our Shampoo will take your locks from zero to hero faster than a speeding bullet. Its unique formula ensures that the goodness we put inside makes for a healthy, swell-looking ‘do outside. With its invigorating blend of ingredients, including vitamin E oil, sea grape, red algae and eucalyptus oil, you’ll be looking swell well after your shower. Once you’ve rinsed and lathered your hair with Shampoo, complete your routine with Ace High Conditioner. Stay fly from start to finish with Ace High’s Shampoo and Conditioner.