Analogue Apotik Hair Paste


Analogue apotikMentega

Analogue Hair Paste Analogue聯同Mentega Pomade Oven Cuttery 的創始人 Kevin Tan 製作而成的產品


-力度hold 8/10
-光澤Shine 6/10
-乾速 dry-down 2/10
-重塑 restyle 5/10
-易洗度 Easy to wash out 8/10


香味:omni [清甜果味]

Analogue Hair Paste is the brainchild of 3 labels collective creativity to create one paste. The one paste that encompasses the sense of scent, barbering experience, and product usability. We have engaged our long time friend Kevin Tan, Founder of Mentega Pomade and Oven Cuttery to craft and create a product which not only is an analogue of who we are, but most importantly does the job.

Type: Hair styling Paste

3 types of wax : Beewax, Candalilla wax & Carnauba Wax

Hold type : Strong Hold


Scent : Omni

How to apply : Spread product on hands and apply on dry hair.

Best Foreign Hair Product by The Pomp



PEG-40 hydrogenated ,castor oil,Water,Castor Oil,Grape seed oil ,Vitamin E oil, Shea butter , Carnauba wax, Candalilla wax, Beeswax, Ceto-stearyl alcohol ,Stearic acid 

Polysorbate 20,Sodium borate, Glycerine ,Propylene glycol, Potassium sorbate