Apothecary 87 Bath Salts 400g 沐浴鹽


Apothecary 87





使用方法:在熱水中加入一小把,停留 20 分鐘讓其溶解

A sea salt infusion that will cleanse and soften the skin.

Our Bath Salts formula is designed to cleanse the skin with our range of essential oils & dried lemon/orange peel, as well as moisturise & soften the skin with Dead Sea salts and natural oils.

As always, all our creations are made cruelty free.

400g LASTS APPROX 6-8 BATHS (Dependant on use intensity)

Our fragrance is built up from essential oils and dried citrus fruit peels. This makes the scent light, fresh and zesty.

  • Cleansing
  • Skin softening
  • Refreshing

Key Ingredients

Dead Sea SaltsEpsom SaltsDried Orange PeelOrange Essential OilDried Lemon PeelLemon Essential OilGrapefruit Essential OilCoconut OilVitamin E

How To Use

Add a small handful to a hot, running bath and allow to dissolve. We recommend staying in the bath for 20 minutes while the Bath Salts do their work.