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Apothecary 87 Salt Tonic天然護髮鹽水


Apothecary 87





使用方法:將少量 Salt Tonic 噴在潮濕的頭髮上後吹乾以達到豐盈和啞光效果。 或者,將 Salt Tonic 噴到乾髮上以獲得更豐厚造型

100ml 用量 2-5 個月(取決於使用用量)

A hair tonic with function and versatility.

Our formula is created to add volume and texture to any hair style, whilst giving a light hold and superior matte finish.

  • Superior matte finish
  • Light hold
  • Reworkable style
  • Adds volume
  • Adds texture

Can be used alone or with other products

Perfect as a stand alone styling product, or as use as a pre-styler in conjunction with another styling product

We’ve kept the fragrance dialled back on this one. There’s a soft fresh scent of the ocean, whilst it isn’t over-powering. This means it’s great on it’s own, and there isn’t any fragrance conflict if using with other products.

How To Use

Styling Product – Spray a small amount of the Salt Tonic into damp hair and allow it to dry for volume and a matte finish. Alternatively, blow dry the Salt Tonic into your hair for more volume.

Pre-Styling Product – Use as directed above to create volume. After applying the Salt Tonic, use the product of your choosing to finish your style and add more hold to the style.

100ml LASTS APPROX 2-5 MONTHS (Dependant on use intensity)