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Apothecary 87 Soy Candle – An 1893 Fragrance大豆蠟燭 | 1893年香氛


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Apothecary 87


我們的配方旨在讓任何房間充滿香味,同時保持生態友好的環境。 大豆蠟和棉芯確保了最環保的燃燒,而手工澆注的蠟燭裝在手工錘打的錫罐中,展示了混亂設計的美感。


1893 第一所理髮學校開張,以歷史為靈感而創作。



燃燒時間:長達30 小時燃燒時間


A soy candle built on a base of eco friendly soy wax, natural butters and oils.

Our formula is designed to fill any room with fragrance, whilst maintaining an eco friendly environment. The use of soy wax and cotton wicks ensure the most eco friendly burn, whilst the  hand poured candle is housed in a hand hammered tin, showcasing the aesthetics in chaotic design.

As always, all our creations are made cruelty free.

An 1893 Fragrance – created with history in mind.

When it comes to men’s grooming, classic barbershops spring to mind. The name, 1893, is inspired by the year the barbering industry was first taken seriously enough to be seen as it’s own industry rather than a trade dentists & surgeons would do on the side. 1893 saw the first ever barber school open, and our name pays homage to that.

The fragrance is a balance of sweet vanilla & the spicy tones of sandalwood. The perfect blend for a gent to feel calm and relaxed, recreating the feeling of being at the barbershop.

  • Strong fragrance
  • Eco friendly
  • 30+ hours burn time
  • Hand poured

Key Ingredients

Soy WaxSunflower OilShea ButterVitamin ECotton Wick