Bonafide Matte Paste 髮泥


Bona Fide

牛油狀matte paste,非常易推開👍滑身唔卡頭髮。造出凌亂蓬鬆有彈性造型感。

-力度hold 8/10
-光澤Shine 1/10
-乾速 dry-down 0/10
-重塑 restyle 4/10
-易洗度 Easy to wash out 7/10

■ 造型感:凌亂蓬鬆有彈性的線條感
■ 定型力:強,輕身 不黏膩
■ 光澤度:無光澤
■ 香味:柑橘香味
■ 容量:4oz
■ 產地:美國

The Matte Paste is a water-based paste with a strong hold, matte finish and our signature citrus fragrance. Formulated to be highly pliable, the Matte Paste works best for any look that requires texture.

Emulsify a scoop of product in dry hands. Apply evenly to lightly damp or dry hair. Style as desired.