Captain Fawcett’s Finest Hand Crafted Safety Razor 雪菲爾安全剃鬚刀


Captain Fawcett


仿象牙白手柄,鉻合金橫紋設計,配合Captain Fawcett’s 標誌,精緻安全剃鬚刀,給您完美剃鬚體驗。

* 長度:130mm

* 手柄長度:87mm

* 配件:Gillette Mach 3(提供刀片)

* 重量:47

Captain Fawcett’s preferred safety razor was invented in that most innovative golden age we now know as the Edwardian Era. This premium shaving device has been brought completely up to date with the introduction of this beautifully crafted razor. You will discover that the Captain’s perfectly balanced razor ensures a quite magnificent shave and is simply a delight to use.

The veritable cutting edge of the traditional wet shave is now available to all modern day adventurers.

Imitation ivory handle with chrome collar and base.

  • Length: 130mm
  • Handle Length: 87mm
  • Fitting: Gillette Mach 3 (blade supplied)
  • Weight: 47 grams