Captain Fawcett’s traditional ‘Super’ Badger Shaving Brush 經典獾毛剃鬚刷


Captain Fawcett

復刻一個世紀前經典,忠於傳統 Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d筆記複制。

Captain Fawcett’s traditional ‘Super’ Badger 剃鬚刷,能夠輕鬆打出豐厚綿密的泡沫,將完美的濕剃體驗於一個世紀後再次呈現。

仿象牙把手,鉻合金橫紋設計 配上Captain Fawcett印章。

* 刷毛直徑:50mm

* 刷毛長度:55mm

* 總長:105mm

* 手柄直徑:33mm

* 手柄高度:50mm

* 重量:88

Captain Fawcett’s traditional ‘Super’ badger shaving brush will produce a luxuriant, rich & voluminous lather enabling the closest of wet shaves. The brush which accompanied him on many adventurous missions has now been faithfully reproduced and is available for the first time in over a century.

Imitation ivory handle with chrome collar and base.

  • Bristle Diameter: 50mm
  • Bristle Length: 55mm
  • Overall Length: 105mm
  • Handle Diameter: 33mm
  • Handle Height: 50mm
  • Weight: 88gms

How to apply

Immerse your shaving brush in warm water and shake off excess. Dip into shaving soap and, using circular motions work up a rich warm creamy lather and apply to the beard area. Proceed to shave. After use the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and left to dry naturally.