Davines Natural Tech Rebalancing Shampoo 1000ml




  • 適合油性髮質使用
  • 專利配方能降低油脂分泌,徹底潔淨秀髮
  • 含有抗菌因子,能降低油脂生成,消除頭油味
  • 含樺木,牛蒡等成份能潔淨頭皮,使秀髮變得柔滑,健康。


Davines is the Italian cult haircare label taking the salons of the world by storm. They use only ethical production methods, natural ingredients, eco packaging and decades of scientific knowledge to treat and nourish every kind of hair. Helping to restore the moisture levels for excessively oily hair, the Davines Rebalancing Shampoo provides deep cleansing action whilst maintaining the hair and scalp’s natural moisture levels.



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