Euromax Double Edge Razor Blades 歐洲之星集團 EUROMAX 鑽石 鉑金塗層剃鬚刀片 日本鋼製 (5片裝)


鉑金塗層刮鬍刀片 日本不鏽鋼鋼製成 (japan Stainless), 提供最安全與奢華的刮鬍舒適感
. 國際通用安全刀片規格 適用多種安全剃鬚刀
. 刀面上蠟並以蠟紙包裝,能防鏽蝕,確保刀刃品質

. 一盒5片

Platinum blades with double blade Euromax for T-shaped machine.
These high quality blades are made of platinum coated stainless steel. Blades with one edge of platinum with cryogenic coating Euromax belong to the most sharp and exquisite options on the market. These blades are suitable for all conventional safety razors and, broken in half, these blades are perfect for all types of safety.
Razor blades are especially suitable for people with sensitive and normal skin.
Euromax double-sided blades are manufactured in India by vertice Global of high quality Japanese stainless steel with high carbon content. This manufacturer uses high-quality technological production lines and seeks the highest international standards for its purposes. The platinum coating extends the expected service life and makes the blades more resistant to corrosion.
Carton packing Euromax coated with oil Foundation 5 Seagate paraffin papers and double blades wrapped in an envelope, which guarantees safety, sterility and long shelf life.
On the blade itself there are branded logos and numbers indicating the sides.