Fatip Gold Retró Safety Razor Open Comb Type 42119復古系列開放式剃刀


FATIP RETRO復古系列 ,手柄設計較為細長,




使用材質 黃銅 ,非腐蝕性鋼或壓鑄

金屬塗層 鍍金

外觀構造 三件式

刀頭型式 Open Comb (開放式)

特殊設計 標準

總長度 (公分) 11

重量 () 66

Fatip Gold Retró Safety Razor Open Comb Type 42119

Retro design in gold! The Gold Retrò Safety Razor by Fatip with the elegant vintage design is a classic 3-piece safety razor that is perfectly balanced and easy to handle. The brass razor with the golden metal finish fits comfortably in the hand. The open comb allows for a precise shave even with different lengths of beard hair.dambiro

For a precise shave! Fatip has been producing razors with a distinctive vintage design since 1950. The safety razors are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Italy and feature either open or closed comb heads and well-balanced handles. The powerful safety razors are available in polished metals in a variety of shades for a refined and precise shaving experience.dambiro

Dimensions & weight:

  • Overall length: 110 mm
  • Handle length: 90 mm
  • Head width: 42 mm
  • Weight: 66 g