Inebrya Ice cream Pro-age treatment 荷荷巴髮尾油




  • 含荷荷巴油和葵花籽油
  • 有效的抗衰老作用,可以有效保護自由基對抗劑
  • 滋養髮絲
  • 能防毛躁以及防止開叉



Dry, dull and treated hair are more exposed to damage caused by atmospheric agents and tends to break more often than healthy hair.

Pro-Age Treatment is a restructuring anti-ageing Oil for lengths and ends that perfects an excellent frizz control action, eliminates split ends and provides softness and shine to the hair.

The outcome will be soft, perfect, graceful and light hair.

The specific synergy of botanic ingredients deriving from Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil counters the formation of free radicals, preventing the hair from ageing.

  • Anti-age restructuring oil
  • Counters the formation of free radicals
  • Hydrates and nourishes lengths and ends
  • Frizz control action
  • Prevents split ends

  • Apply on damp or dry hair on lengths and ends
  • Proceed with styling



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