Inebrya Ice Cream Liss Perfect Shampoo 1000ml 魚子直髮洗頭水



Liss Perfect shapoo 是一款直發用洗頭水,適用於不規則和捲曲的頭髮,可解開纏結,深層滋養並立即產生順滑效果。 有效的抗濕和抗靜電作用消除毛躁,使頭髮絲滑有光澤。


  • 含魚子醬,維生素和歐米加3脂肪酸
  • 能刺激角蛋白和膠原蛋白的形成
  • 重構組合物軟化並平滑頭髮結構
  • 有效去除靜電同時也能深層滋潤頭髮

Frizzy and unruly hair that dreams of perfect and impeccable smoothness needs a faithful ally that can control it and show it off at its best.

Liss Perfect Shampoo is a straightening shampoo that cleanses, nourishes and tames the hair, leaving it extraordinarily smooth, soft and luminous. It performs a protective and regenerating action, eliminating frizz and making straightening easier.

The outcome will be perfectly and impeccably smooth, extraordinarily soft and luminous hair with a progressive effect over time, as you continue to use the line.

The rich and creamy texture is boosted with Caviar and a special Glyoxylic agent, that together produce a progressive straightening effect, wash after wash. The straightening result obtained has a “memory effect” over time, making the hair increasingly easier to straighten.

  • Smoothing Shampoo for wiederspenstiges and frizzy hair
  • With a an anti-frizz effect
  • Enriched with Caviar
  • For to help cleans and smoothing.



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