Inebrya Iron shampoo thernal protection 300ml /1000ml 強化保濕洗頭水



日常使用直發器、吹風機和熱工具會損壞頭髮,使其更加脆弱並容易斷裂。 出於這個原因,重要的是使用能夠在造型之前、之後和期間屏蔽熱應力和機械應力的破壞作用的產品來保護和強化頭髮。

Iron Shampoo 是一種基於 100% 有機黑胡椒提取物的強化保濕洗髮水,非常適合因經常使用直發器和吹風機而受到壓力的頭髮,以及容易斷裂的頭髮。


100% 有機黑胡椒賦予質地特有的深色,並具有抗氧化和強化作用,而熱防護系統可在造型階段之前和期間深度保護熱源。


Daily use of straighteners, hairdryers and hot tools ruin hair, making it brittle more fragile and subject to breaking. This is why it is important to protect and strengthen hair with products that can shield from the damaging action of thermal and mechanical stresses before, after and during styling.

Iron Shampoo is a moisturising strengthening shampoo made with 100% organic Black Pepper, ideal for hair that is stressed by the frequent use of straighteners and the hairdryer, and weakened hair that tends to break.

The hair will be immediately healthy and vital. Frizz will be eliminated and the hair look shiny and tamed. The protective action of its technology renders styling easier and faster, making straight hair last longer.

The Iron Active Technology at the base of its formula is able to restructure and strengthen the hair thanks to the mix of natural active ingredients and a heat protection polymer system.
100% organic Black Pepper provides the characteristic dark colouring to the texture and has an anti-oxidant and strengthening action, while the Heat Guard System, provides a deep protection from heat sources before and during the styling phase.

  • Moisturising strengthening shampoo
  • Ideal for wavy, voluminous and unruly hair
  • It performs a strengthening action
  • It protects from thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Iron Active Technology
  • It facilitates and speeds up straightening
  • With 100% organic Black Pepper
  • Vegan


  • Apply on wet scalp and hair, massage and rinse