Inebrya Iron spray thermal protection 熱防護強化噴霧



Iron Spray 是一種抗熱噴霧,使用鐵活性技術,混合天然活性成分和保護性聚合物。能夠在頭髮周圍形成一層保護膜,增強頭髮,增加活力並抵抗熱力對頭髮的傷害。






·含 100% 有機黑胡椒







Daily use of straighteners, hairdryers and hot tools ruin hair, making it brittle more fragile and subject to breaking. This is why it is important to protect and strengthen hair with products that can shield from the damaging action of thermal and mechanical stresses before, after and during styling.

Iron Spray is a heat protection spray, ideal for hair that is stressed by the frequent use of straighteners and the hairdryer, that acts on the hair by shielding it and making it easier to style. It prevents the ends from breaking and helps tame the hair, thanks to its frizz control, anti-humidity and anti-static actions.

The hair is instantly protected and ready for the next stages of styling with heated tools in total safety and with shorter execution times. The hair is left glossy, full of life and full, thanks to the split-end sealing and anti-frizz action.

The spray’s formula is boosted by Iron Active Technology, a mix of natural active ingredients and protective polymers that can form a film around the hair, strengthen it, add vitality and protect it over time.


  • Heat protection strengthening spray
  • Ideal for hair stressed by frequent use of hot tools
  • Heat protection
  • Frizz control, anti-humidity and anti-static action
  • It facilitates straightening and styling
  • With 100 % organic Black Pepper
  • Iron Active Technology
  • Vegan


  • Spray on damp or dry hair before using the hairdryer and the straighteners
  • Style as desired