Inebrya Pro-age shampoo 1000ml 堅果洗頭水 適合漂染後、暗沉乾旱髮質




Pro-Age Shampoo 是一種保護性抗衰老護理產品,具有抗氧化作用,有效阻礙紫外線,可溫和清潔頭髮、保濕頭髮

配方富含珍貴的摩洛哥黃金:摩洛哥堅果油,具有滋養、保濕和亮白的特性。 荷荷巴油有效控制捲曲頭髮



Dry, dull and treated hair are more exposed to damage caused by atmospheric agents and tends to break more often than healthy hair.

Pro-Age Shampoo is a protective anti-age treatment with antioxidant action and UV filter that cleanses hair gently, hydrating it and providing tone and shine

The hair is cleansed, shiny and protected. Frizz is tamed down, for a bright, soft effect.

Its formula is enriched with precious Moroccan gold: Argan Oil, with nourishing, hydrating and brightening properties. Jojoba Oil acts as a frizz-control agent.
Thanks to the presence of the UV filter, the shampoo protects the hair from the damaged caused by solar exposure.

  • Hydrating and protective shampoo
  • Ideal on mature hair
  • Removes frizz
  • Protects hair from pollution and external agents
  • Makes hair light and silky
  • With Argan Oil
  • UV filter


  • Apply on wet hair and massage
  • Rinse