Nitri-0x Chemically-treated Hair Shampoo



NUTRI –OX美國專業防脫髮護理系列,專門針對男及女性頭髮稀疏及幼弱乏力等問題而研製的。

NUTRI –OX系列產品附加了頭髮所需的主要養份-Nutri-Essentials,是一種結合了多種草本及中藥精華和維生素的混合物,能滋潤與保護髮絲,為頭皮打造一個更有利於頭髮健康生長的理想環境,免受日常有害物質所傷害。



NUTRI –OX亦能對抗含5 alpha還原酵素的二氫睪丸酮所引起的脫髮問題:

5 alpha還原酵素:維他命H、維他命A、薏苡屬、甘草根、血管擴張劑


Helps create fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair Stimulates hair follicles and promotes circulation Safeguards against toxin buildup on scalp Gently cleanses and fortifies scalp Protects against color fading
Nourish hair and scalp and protect color with Nutri-Ox Shampoo for chemically treated hair, a daily cleansing shampoo that creates an optimal scalp environment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. Formulated with a strong blend of nutrients, proteins, and humectants, it gently removes product buildup, environmental pollutants and toxins like from the hair and scalp. Hair will appear healthier, thicker and fuller. Compare to Nioxin and save.
Apply to wet hair. Lather one minute. Rinse. Follow with Nutri-Ox Conditioner.



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