Officina Artigiana Milano EDT鬚後水


Officina Artigiana Milano EDT 鬚後水

由15%的香精製成,幾乎是傳統鬚後水所含含量的三倍,這意味著它具有出色的鬚後水香味的持久力會比一般鬚後水來的高 , 可到4~6小時 ,由於香精的比例較高,因此亦可以在刮完鬚後作為淡香水使用。


這種香氣極其複雜,精緻,優雅,並且由於其巧妙而精緻的香氣處理 在許多方面都具有創新性。

The Officina Artigiana Traditional is the new cologne aftershave scent taking Italian Wet Shavers by storm.

With 80% alcohol content this can be categorised as a Cologne, it also contains 15% fragrance, 4% is commonly used in most splashes, so it is very strong and will last all day and probably all evening.

The scent will take you back to past holidays in the Mediterranean, days of sun, warmth and passion. Birch, Black Pepper, & Orchid to open, it moderates to Whisky, Tobacco & Saffron, and lingers with scents of Roasted Barley, Amber and Guaiac Wood.