Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade 髮蠟


Seven Potions

低光澤🙌上頭髮後表現好似gel type 收水後既線條感,但實際上佢係完全唔變硬🤔🤔超強重塑效果。黏度偏強,容易造型


力度hold 7.5/10

光澤Shine 4/10

乾速 dry-down 3/10

重塑 restyle 8/10

易洗度 Easy to wash out 7.5/10


The Smart Man’s Answer To Hair Styling

Detailed to perfection, always looking fresh and ready to tackle any task; well-polished men know that keeping their hair tame and in place is of the highest importance.

With more significant things to do than worry about what your hair is doing, we developed our Hair Styling Pomade to assist you in upholding your high standards of appearance.

Offering a strong-hold and a desirable shine, this pomade is ideally used for pompadour, slick back, and side styles.

Always put your best foot forward with impeccable hair

Great for men with any kind of hair and length, this formula is cruelty-free, vegan, as well as free from parabens, silicones, and colorants.

Simple to use, when ready to style rub a small amount between your palms and apply to clean, dry or damp hair. To reapply or for a stronger hold; gradually add small amounts until the desired style is achieved.

Effortless to wash out, this water-based hair styling pomade will rinse quickly with a gentle scrub.

Made with top quality ingredients, it includes natural butters, waxes, and oils. Smooth and healthy hair is as easy as one minute in the morning and a good application of our trusted pomade.

Noteworthy hair with a pleasing aroma

Developed to help you achieve a fresh appearance every day of the week, this pomade also delivers you a manly fragrance that effortlessly blends with your natural aromas or cologne of choice.

Bask in the refreshing scent of bergamot, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood. A refined smell, with afternotes of musk and overtones of sweet citrus, each time you apply it to your hair you are sure to feel invigorated.

When it comes to your hair, nothing should be left to chance, reach for this 3.4 Fl oz/100 ML tin and rise to every challenge knowing you are looking your best.