The Goodfellas smile shaving bowl – Rasoi” 螺旋 ” 山毛櫸刮鬍碗 加寬加高


” 螺旋 ” 山毛櫸木刮鬍碗 加寬加高 完美比例
螺旋刮鬍碗採用喇叭口的設計,握持舒適。由於這些刮鬍碗是用完全手工的方法製成的,並且具有木材的固有性質,因此每個碗的紋理都都彼此不同,刮鬍碗底部採用 “ 螺旋設計 “可以在起泡過程中增加碰撞引入更多的空氣量,不但可快速的產生泡沫,也讓泡沫更加優質
. 加寬加高設計 , 內部空間寬廣 使用完後亦可用來收納刮鬍用具
. 木頭製 沒有破損的危險 , 即使攜帶外出
. 優雅和輕巧。
. 100%意大利工匠產品
直徑:13 公分


Shaving bowl – The Goodfellas’ smile Made in Italy

The Goodfellas’ shaving bowl made from Beech wood.
Each shaving bowl is handmade in Italy, varnished 3 times and lacquered both internally and externally to ensure maximum durability.
Diameter: 13cm
Useful assembly diameter: 12cm.
Bowl height: 6cm
Total weight: 300gr

The height of the spiral beard bowl and its flaring, gives a great fitting feel and is comfortable to hold. The bottom diameter measures 12 cm.
Because these beard bowls are made entirely by hand, and because of the intrinsic nature of the wood, each piece is different from the next in appearance, with veins ranging from black to gold.
The manual turning on the bottom is done to considerably increase the air supply to the soap during assembly, thus favouring the production of a rich and full-bodied foam. This, too, being done manually on counter-knotted wood, can present slightly “dirty” overhangs.

The choice of wood over ceramic is dictated by the following reasons:.
Safe to transport wherever you go without risk of breakage
Greater general resistance
Greater elegance and lightness in relation to the dimensions.

100% Italian craftsmanship.