The Legends London Pomade 強黏水性 髮蠟 (120ml)


設立於倫敦超過25年之男性復古髮廊 The Legends London以新世代造型品 Maximum Hold Hair Gel 受到矚目,日前再推出最新研發”Legends” Pomade 水性髮油,選用白蜂蠟及橄欖油素材打造強黏配方,霧光韻澤提供滑順手感,搭載獨家快乾效能、不論高角度或平貼造型均展現優質效能,淡雅復古皂香適合各種場合

-力度hold 7/10
-光澤Shine 5/10
-乾速 dry-down 5/10
-重塑 restyle 5/10
-易洗度 Easy to wash out 8/10

Forget generic hair products, or expensive products that don’t deliver: this is our superb bespoke formula that you will love!

  • All-day hold
  • Flexible for easy restyling
  • Nourishing for your hair

Not just another hair gel, this jar has been formulated using years of our master barber’s expertise and with our legendary vintage style. Guarantees all day hold whilst nourishing your hair.

Want to try another look? No problem, just restyle and go: when you comb your hair, the gel leaves no unsightly flakes or residue behind. It also washes out easily with water.