Tiger Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 白金鍍膜 剃鬚刀片 一盒五片裝


具侵略性 ,非常鋒利給追求鋒利感的玩家。
. 國際通用安全刀片規格 適用多種安全剃鬚刀
. 刀面上蠟並以蠟紙包裝,能防鏽蝕,確保刀刃品質
. 捷克製  一盒5片



Are you looking for the perfect budget friendly shave? Try Tiger Platinum stainless steel blades. Made from durable, premium stainless steel, these blades are designed to be long lasting. They’ll help you achieve a clean shave with fewer strokes.

Tiger double edge razor blades offer an effortless, precise shave without causing irritation. The blades are coated with chrome and platinum, allowing them to remain sharp even after prolonged use. There’s also a nano PTFE (Teflon) layer, which helps to create a very comfortable shave.

Manufactured in Czech republic by the company Czech Blades who was also the original Astra blades manufacturer while under ownership of Gillette.