Uppercut Deluxe CT5 玳瑁梳子,適用於各種不同的頭髮長度和頭髮類型。 兩種不同的齒寬使長發或短髮造型變得容易。

玳瑁由優質耐用的材料植物醋酸纖維素製成,並標有Uppercut “Grip it & Slick it”標語。 CT5 玳瑁梳與您最喜愛的 Uppercut Deluxe 造型產品搭配使用,打造出多種款式。

CT5 玳瑁梳由優質耐用的材料製成,以確保最佳的美容體驗。 標有我們的標語“Grip it and Slick It”

L180 mm

W33 mm

金箔徽標和“Grip it & Slick it”印刷細節

The Uppercut Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb is an easy to use, pocket-sized comb that performs across a range of different hair lengths and hair types. Two different teeth widths makes styling long or short hair easy.

The high gloss traditional look Tortoise Shell is made from a high quality plant cellulose acetate and branded with our ‘Grip it & Slick it’ tagline. Use the CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb with your favourite Uppercut Deluxe styling products to create a wide range of styles.

Our CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb is made from the high quality and long lasting material to ensure the optimum grooming experience. Labelled with our tag line ‘Grip it and Slick It’.


Plant Cellulose Acetate Tortoise Shell (A non-petroleum based plastic which is safe to use in Babrercide solutions) Housed in a printed cardboard sleeve L : 180 mm W : 33 mm Gold foil Logo and ‘Grip it & Slick it’ print detail