Uppercut CT9 STYLING COMB 中長髮造型梳




完美的梳子可塑造任何中長發造型。 對於尋求終極造型控制的人來說,現代寬手柄握起來非常舒適,並且可以實現非常精確的造型。 這款梳子由植物醋酸纖維素(一種非石油基塑料)製成,非常耐用且持久。



With its long teeth and flat handle this is the perfect styling comb for medium to long hair lengths.

The perfect comb to shape any medium to long hair styles. For the guy looking for the ultimate in styling control, the modern wide handle is extremely comfortable to hold and allows for great precision styling. Made from a Plant Cellulose Acetate (A non petroleum based plastic) this comb is extremely durable and long lasting.