Collection: Dear Barber

Dear Barber is a new professional grooming brand for men in the UK. Its entire range of products are manufactured in the UK and sold globally. The full range offers a cutting-edge alternative to typical men's hair grooming brands. It adopts a classic, masculine appearance and expertly formulated products to suit all hair types, and uses its distinctive medieval aristocratic logo as its brand symbol plus unique luxurious retro imitation wood packaging. As soon as it was launched, it was launched in the UK It created a hot topic and the number of inquiries soared. It can be called a masterpiece. International master barber – Darryn Pitman (winner of the Best Barber Award in the UK in 2014 and winner of the Best International Barber Award by Barber Magazine in 2013) is also the global brand ambassador of Dear Barber and is highly recommended.