Collection: GØNZØjiang beast

Jiang Beast Family was founded on June 22, 2012. The masterminds ERIC FOONG and PATRIC CHU got to know each other through the Internet. Because of their common interests and thoughts, they both love Japanese rockabilly (country rock music), YAKUZA FILMS (Japanese gangster culture movies), Japanese comics, and Japanese bosozoku. The only classic is their airplane oil hair style.

In April 2015, GØNZØSUPERSLICK Asian Weather Killer was born. Since they have not been able to solve the problem of European and American hair oil formulas lasting long and collapsing when exposed to heat in Asia, they spent about a year researching it. A unique formula is created for the Asian climate to create a super anti-heat and anti-sweat formula. It injects the fresh undertone of unique island flowers to recreate the retro scene of Shanghai barber salon. It has medium luster, ultra-high support performance, and quick styling characteristics to meet the needs of outside workers and Stay sleek all day long with a water-washable formula that washes easily with clean water.