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Bรถker Manufaktur Solingen

German Boker straight razor 140524 King Cutter

German Boker straight razor 140524 King Cutter

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The best choice for entry-level Boker King Cutter straight razors ๐Ÿ™Œ Handmade in 5/8-inch specifications, made of the best Solingen straight razor steel. The handle is inlaid with the Boker logo in nickel silver and is made of moisture-resistant synthetic material.

Model: 140 524
Razor material: Carbon Steel
Handle material: synthetic materialSynthetic
Size (inches): 5/8
Point: round point
Hollow: Extra Hollow ground

Razor care: Carbon steel razors need to be wiped clean after use to avoid water stains. If they are not used for a long time, they need to be maintained with razor oil.

Maintenance tips:
. If the blade material is carbon steel, remember not to soak it in water, and be sure to dry it after use and store it.
. Oil it regularly, wrap it in oil paper and store it in a dry place.
. Never store the razor in a closed space until it is completely dry.

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