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German Boker Camellia oil metal maintenance oil

German Boker Camellia oil metal maintenance oil

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No matter how sharp the knife is, it will get rusty one day. When you buy a beautiful knife, you need to use Boker Camellia Oil for maintenance.

High quality pure camellia oil with many uses. Acid-free, non-resinic and non-evaporative, used to prevent corrosion to protect high quality metals made from carbon steel. It is purely organic and is also very suitable for maintaining metal tools made of non-stainless steel to extend the service life of the metal. Compared with other metal maintenance oils on the market, Boker Camellia Oil does not form watery mucus. Its low viscosity properties quickly absorb into the wood, protecting it from moisture, dirt and UV radiation. Boker Camellia Oil is clear and will not discolor the wood, leaving the pattern beautiful.

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