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German TABAC MAN brand classic men's fragrance long-lasting deodorant

German TABAC MAN brand classic men's fragrance long-lasting deodorant

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Tabac is a men's grooming brand owned by Maurer & Wirzt, a century-old German perfume manufacturer. The smell of Tabac is a favorite among men. These are unique, spicy fragrance ingredients, which form an extreme fragrance through precious wood, musk, amber and floral fragrance. Masculine and rounded fragrance. The impeccable masculine scent represents a firm and mature man.

The Man series is the brand's classic men's fragrance. It is based on the masculine characteristics of men, adding elements of fashion and confidence, interpreting the purest masculine temperament, showing the powerful and masculine charm of men, and having a fashionable and confident multi-layered style. The scent is fresh and refreshing, with just the right taste, suitable for all times and occasions.

A refreshing and refreshing long-lasting formula that suppresses body odor and sweat odor.

Top notes: orange, tangerine, lemon peel, peppermint Middle notes: geranium, sequoia, vetiver, cardamom, oakmoss Base notes: tonka bean, musk, sage, vanilla

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