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Japanese Feather Professional blade PB20 jet blade

Japanese Feather Professional blade PB20 jet blade

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Japanese Feather Professional PB-20 blades are suitable for all hair and skin types. Known worldwide for its unparalleled quality and refined design, it is the blade of choice for professionals. Feather Professional PB-20 blades offer premium quality and performance. The blade is 0.25mm thick and the cutting edge is 1.2mm. Each blade features triple grinding technology to ensure optimal sharpness.

***For use by professional barbers, under safety and hygiene recommendations, it is strongly recommended to only serve one customer per side. (For general personal use, the blade may be replaced depending on its sharpness and condition. Please be sure to rinse the blade after each use – do not wipe it directly for cleaning, please pay attention to safety during use. )


• Sharpness: 9 / 10

• Famous Japanese brands/Made in Japan

• Made of Japanese stainless steel (japan Stainless)

• Suitable for all skin types

• Box of 20 blades

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