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Japan Emma Cocarne Camellia Hair Improvement Oil

Japan Emma Cocarne Camellia Hair Improvement Oil

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A hair care oil specially developed by Japanese hairstylists that can completely improve and repair hair quality.

Effectively improve hair quality, prevent heat damage to hair, and effectively protect hair.

✦Ingredients extracted from naturally occurring plants

With long-loved plant extracts, you can have perfect luster and transparency every time

✪Tea seed oil

Camellia oil is a vegetable oil extracted from camellia seeds. Used since the Edo period, it has an excellent presence for smoothing and moisturizing hair and caring for the whole body.

✪Avocado oil

It has anti-aging effects based on its rich nutrition. Leaves hair moisturized and shiny.

✪Almond oil

An ingredient with outstanding moisturizing power among many vegetable oils

✦The ultimate high-end healing fragrance

Scents based on tulips, roses, apple blossoms, etc.

𝙴𝚖𝚖𝚊Choose luxurious and sophisticated scents from hundreds of combinations. Finally, the mild sweetness is paired with a luxurious fragrance to create a healing scent that lasts all day long and is relaxing.

Ingredients include : Rosehip Canis Oil | Avocado Oil | Rice Bud Oil | Almond Oil | Camellia Oil | Apricot Oil | Argan Oil | Tea Seed Oil

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