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Mistral USA – Ethereal Men’s Perfume (Orange Blossom Guaiac Wood/Sandstone)

Mistral USA – Ethereal Men’s Perfume (Orange Blossom Guaiac Wood/Sandstone)

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Inspired by the sandstone canyons of Roussillon, imagine being in the warm woods and seeing the sun-soaked sandstone canyon in the distance, with the smell of smoke drifting up.

It has a frank and unrestrained masculine style. From the opening notes of pink pepper and elemi sugar, it exudes an irresistible personality charm. Combined with the orange blossom and various woody aromas in the middle and later parts, it creates a deep, rich and delicate fragrance. Fragrance, like a yuppie gentleman, tells its own story from the details of the whole body, and exudes charming appeal unconsciously. It is a unique and versatile fragrance that can be worn on all kinds of clothing. Suitable for any time and occasion.

Top notes: pink pepper, lemon, elemi Middle notes: orange blossom, benzoin, incense Base notes: guaiac wood, vetiver, patchouli Capacity: 100ml

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