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B5 instant rebirth care second generation pink upgraded version

B5 instant rebirth care second generation pink upgraded version

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✔️B5 for severely damaged hair
✔️Can repair dry, split ends, breakage, protein and moisture loss hair
✔️Contains an amino acid mixture, which can deeply repair, care for, restructure the inner structure, and regenerate hair.
✔️Acidic formula to tighten hair, make dry and swollen hair caused by excessive perming and dyeing, make hair soft, bright and healthy

main ingredient
3 types of hair and scalp repair ingredients and high-purity vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 :
·Improve damaged hair, restore elasticity, moisturizing and flexibility.
·Penetrate your hair shaft and hair roots to provide additional B vitamins to the hair, helping to thicken the hair, promote hair growth, and increase hair diameter by 10%.
·Long-lasting moisturizing of hair to prevent dryness and splitting.
Moisturizing factor NaPCA:
·Contains a variety of natural moisturizing factors to instantly moisturize and improve hair softness.
Sodium Hyaluronat:
1 gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 6 liters of water, instantly reversing dry hair and making it shiny.
4 natural hair extracts
Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein: Contains French patent, the world's latest scientific research STRUCTURINE ®. Small molecular weight glutamine and oligosaccharides extracted from lupine can promote the synthesis of epidermal proteins and sebum, and repair and regenerate from the inside out. and moisturizing.
Brazil Nut Seed Oil Bertholletia Excelsa:
It has strong moisturizing effect, repairs dry hair, resists high temperature and locks in moisture.
Sweet Almond Oil Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis:
Contains a variety of active magnesium ingredients to prevent ultraviolet damage.
Olive Fruit Oil Olea Europaea:
·Dissolve the oil in the hair body and clean the hair.
·Contains vitamin E and polyphenols that can promote blood circulation and effectively promote hair growth.
Contains: Complex 1: 10ml, Complex 2: 5ml, Complex 3: 100ml, Complex 4: 5ml Complex 5: 100ml


Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo. No need to use conditioner to dry the excess water on your hair.

Step 2: Mix B5 (Complex 1) and NAPCA (Complex 2), apply evenly to the ends of the hair, then wrap it in a hot towel and wait for 10 minutes without rinsing.

Step 3: Apply the collagen cream (complex 3/5) evenly to the hair, gently massage the hair with your fingers, heat it with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water (hot water is not recommended to avoid nutrients churn)

Step 4: Pat your hair dry, then apply moisturizing factor (Complex 4) to your hair to tighten the adjacent surface layer of your hair without rinsing.

Step 5: Collagen cream (Complex 3/5) can be used daily to prolong the effect.

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