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Cremo – Leather Tobacco Men’s Cologne (Vintage Suede)

Cremo – Leather Tobacco Men’s Cologne (Vintage Suede)

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Cremo No.21 Leather Tobacco Men's cologne ( Vintage Suede ) uses leather, suede, and the scent of tobacco and cigars as the main scent, blending with amber, white moss, saffron, agarwood... and other scents. The alluring leather scent reveals a light tobacco scent . It exudes elegance, calmness and unique style of personality. It is mature and elegant but not heavy and old-fashioned. It has distinct layers, richness and depth, which can't help but fascinate people.

  • The performance of luxurious and fragrant fragrance is rich and deep, and the fragrance is bright and long-lasting.
  • Capacity: 100ml

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