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Dr. Harris

Dr Harris Sandalwood Aftershave Milk

Dr Harris Sandalwood Aftershave Milk

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The classic sandalwood after-shave lotion is made of natural and mild ingredients and does not contain alcohol. It is very suitable for sensitive skin. It has good performance in soothing skin discomfort, redness and swelling after shaving, and has excellent moisturizing properties. Moisturizing ability with fresh and elegant sandalwood woody scent
·Alcohol-free, gentle and non-irritating to skin, suitable for sensitive skin.

·Soothes skin after shaving and reduces post-shave redness, dryness, itching, sensitivity and other discomforts

·Excellent moisturizing ability, can moisturize and maintain dry skin and dry skin in autumn and winter.

·It has a soothing effect on redness and redness caused after shaving.

·The texture of water emulsion is easy to absorb and non-sticky

Capacity: 100ml

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