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Glampalm GP201T Professional Styling Clip [Flat | Width 1 inch] – Black

Glampalm GP201T Professional Styling Clip [Flat | Width 1 inch] – Black

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Based on the upgraded Glampalm best-selling classic GP201, it is transformed into the stylish GP201T professional styling clip. With 5 major upgraded functions, it immediately triggers a new experience in Korean hairdressing technology.

Exclusive LED touch temperature control makes it easier to adjust the desired temperature during styling.

Upgrading the appearance of the body can easily create a natural styling effect, and the straight and rolled effect is equally excellent.

In addition, combined with the enhanced floating heating plate technology, the looser floating heating plate greatly reduces the risk of hair breakage due to pulling during styling. Moreover, the extra-long heating plate increases the styling coverage, effectively saving styling time.

Its ceramic-coated heating plate makes hair look healthy and shiny.

The excellent performance has been loved by professional hairstylists and makeup artists since its launch.

5 major upgraded functions, perfectly presenting Korean hairdressing technology:
⬆️The first LED touch temperature control: making it easier to adjust the required temperature during styling.

⬆️Temperature memory: Automatically stores commonly used temperatures, making it more convenient to use every time.

⬆️Extended heating plate: Increases styling coverage and effectively saves styling time.

⬆️Improve the elasticity of the floating heating plate: Make the hair more conformable to the heating plate, achieve even heating, and reduce the risk of hair loss due to pulling.

⬆️Upgraded body appearance: Easily create a natural styling effect.

🌟Patented Healing Stone™ ceramic coated floating splint design

🌟High-speed preheating speed 25 seconds

🌟360-degree flexible rotation of the wire shaft head

🌟International voltage (110V-220V)

🌟11 levels of freely adjustable temperature (100-200 degrees Celsius)

🌟Three-pin plug suitable for Hong Kong

🌟Made in Korea

🌟Two years of maintenance

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