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GlamPalm GP244 Cordless Lightweight Hair Styling Clip [Charging Stand Not Included]

GlamPalm GP244 Cordless Lightweight Hair Styling Clip [Charging Stand Not Included]

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The unique micro-vibration mode of its kind (Vibration Mode) outputs up to 8,000 vibrations per minute, reducing damage caused by friction between hair and hair during styling.
Using the patented Healing Stone™ ceramic coating floating splint design, it has been confirmed by tests at foreign universities that after users continue to use Glampalm styling clips for four weeks,
The natural mineral ceramic material (Healing Stone™) of Glampalm styling clips effectively minimizes heat damage to the hair, and the style still maintains star-level shine.

Two-button quick operation:
🔼Up button: long press to turn on/off, single press to adjust the temperature to 170/180 degrees
🔽Down button: single press to turn on/off micro vibration mode

🚄Go out super fast! 40 seconds rapid heating
🔝Two levels of adjustable temperature, 170-180 degrees
➰Vibration Mode
🔋The wireless styling clip has the fastest charging speed of its kind on the market
🌟Automatic shutdown safety mode in 3 minutes
🔌Hong Kong three-pin plug, international voltage 100-220v
Two years maintenance
Made in Korea
*GLAMPALM specially designed safe flight mode: When the splint is closed, the GP244 wireless styling clip will not be opened because the switch button is pressed.
*Whether the GLAMPALM GP244 wireless styling clip can be taken on board depends on the destination and its airline regulations. It is recommended that guests check with the airline themselves.

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