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Gocare Matte Look Molding Clay

Gocare Matte Look Molding Clay

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Styling product for fashionable users.
With memory styling system, it can powerfully nourish hair when styling. PMO factor can effectively support soft hair and easily create incredible elastic matte look effect. Super micro active carbon grains can effectively absorb and diffusely reflect light, and create mat effect, thus showing rich dimension and hair texture.

Main ingredients:
Fibrin keratin: precisely repairs damaged hair.
PMO factor: effectively supports hair and easily creates incredible elastic effect
Super micro active carbon grains: absorbs and diffusely reflects light, and creates matte effect.

Direction: use when the hair is dry or bit wet, dispense proper amount (according to actual need) onto palm, apply on to hair, style hair by combing with fingers to achieve flexible, fashionable and matte effect

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