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K18 Biotech oil that instantly repairs keratin chains in 4 minutes

K18 Biotech oil that instantly repairs keratin chains in 4 minutes

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K18 is the first biotechnology product on the market that can reconnect broken keratin chains in just 4 minutes. It replenishes collagen keratin in the deepest layers of hair to quickly strengthen the hair structure.

Patented bioactive peptide biotechnology products
.Clinically tested, proven to help hair return to 91% toughness and 94% elasticity of virgin hair.
.Replenish collagen and keratin in the deepest layer of hair
.Comprehensive repair of hair structure
.Provides ultimate repair that cannot be washed off
.Makes hair soft and smooth, smoothes frizz
.Permanently improves hair quality until the next time it is damaged by external aggression.

.Effectively reduce hair breakage, especially suitable for hair treated with bleach and hair dye.

Origin: Made in Canada

Capacity: 50ml

All K18 products are vegan, not tested on animals, and do not affect hair color.


Step 1: After shampooing, dry excess water with a towel (tip: no need to use conditioner).

Step 2: Take an appropriate amount and press it. You can adjust the amount according to different lengths, thicknesses and hair conditions (*Please refer to the last chart to measure the amount for fine to coarse hair).

Step 3: After each press, apply it to your hair with your hands, and then use a comb to comb through each hair strand evenly from the ends to the roots.

Step 4: Wait 4 minutes for hair to absorb.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair directly without rinsing.

*Please note that hair products containing oil, silicone or film-forming hair products will hinder the repair effect of K18. Therefore, if you use such products, you must first cleanse them with detoxifying or deep cleansing shampoo to ensure the best results. .

*You can easily care for your hair without using the care products or equipment from a hair salon.

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