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Lazulite B5 Instant Rejuvenation Care

Lazulite B5 Instant Rejuvenation Care

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⚫️Suitable for damaged hair, completely repairing dry, split ends, broken ends, replenishing protein and moisture for deep care, repairing, reorganizing and rebuilding the inner structure, regenerating hair, making it light, smooth and shiny. Usage

Step 1: Wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo (it is best to use deep cleansing shampoo to clean the hair thoroughly so that the Treatment can be absorbed better)
Step 2: Mix 1 and 2 compounds, apply evenly on the ends of hair, then wrap in a hot towel and wait for 10 minutes
Step 3: Apply collagen cream evenly to your hair, gently massage your hair with your fingers, wait for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water.
Step 4: Dry your hair, then apply it to the ends of your hair to tighten the outer layer of your hair. Use the nutritional recovery cream daily to maintain the effect longer.

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