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Linc Original Makers

Linc Original Makers Hair Oil

Linc Original Makers Hair Oil

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LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS is developed by blending a variety of vegetable oils.
Contains natural human ceramides to keep hair smooth and silky, and protect against internal damage.
It also contains lauryl lactone, which effectively resists damage caused by the heat of hair dryers and flat irons, and restores nutrients stripped from damaged hair. It can improve hair stiffness, swelling and tangles, and also effectively prevent hair aging.
Mainly made from olive fruit oil and argan oil.


After shampooing, use a towel to dry your hair until it is 70% dry.
Put the hair oil in the palm of your hand, apply it 2cm away from the roots of the hair, and then comb it so that the nutrients are evenly distributed on each hair to give shine and elasticity.

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Chester Leung
This product is way too good.

The product is amazing. My hair after bleach is totally damaged but this hair oil brings it into alive and healthy. Definitely recommend

Very satisfied

Product is great, makes my hair feel less frizzy and feels very natural. Shop was very quick to pack and ship!

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