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Officina Artigiana

Officina Artigiana Maremoto after shave lotion 100ml

Officina Artigiana Maremoto after shave lotion 100ml

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Made of 15 % fragrance, which is almost three times the content of traditional aftershave, which means it has an excellent aftershave fragrance that lasts longer than ordinary aftershave, up to 4 to 6 years . For hours , due to the higher proportion of fragrance, it can also be used as an eau de toilette after shaving.

MaremotoThe stillness of the waves It is a sublime, innovative and sophisticated perfume, which is an aromatic - aquatic perfume, but has a longer lasting smell. It can be classified as an unconventional perfume and can be used all year round, because it is fresh and clean but at the same time warm. Feel.

Top notes: aquatic plants ( like the sea breeze blowing towards your face) The fresh and moist fragrance )

Middle Note: Ozone ( meaning " fresh air" in perfume) moist sea breeze Smells fresh and pleasant " smell " )

Base note: green leafy tone ( the smell of leaves and grass There is a refreshing feeling of embracing nature )

This fragrance is extremely complex, sophisticated, elegant and innovative in many ways due to the clever and sophisticated handling of the aroma

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