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Olivia Garden

OLIVIA GARDEN NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Shaper Paddle brush Nano-ceramic ion plate comb

OLIVIA GARDEN NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Shaper Paddle brush Nano-ceramic ion plate comb

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Using nanothermal and tourmaline ion technology

Olivia Garden 's Nano Thermal Technology meets the three requirements necessary for professional-level gentle and nourishing hairstyling. It provides antimicrobial protection, leaving your hair healthier, shiny and easier to style.

Static charging of hair is a constant problem in hair care. Since the bristles are in closest contact with the hair, they are of decisive importance in this matter.

Tourmaline ion technology reduces hair static electricity. Closes the cuticle of each hair, effectively preventing hair from drying out. This results in a healthy, radiant glow and easier styling. Ionic brushes offer the best protection, especially for those who frequently blow-dry their hair or use styling clips.

The unique special wave-shaped bristles design is heat-resistant and can provide limited protection to the hair from excessive temperature. Its round polished soft head is gentle to the hair and scalp.

ceramic coating

It ensures that the hair dryer's heat is evenly and quickly distributed over the entire brush. The large air holes also ensure better airflow, increasing hair drying speed for faster, more accurate and therefore gentler styling.

Ultra-light brush with ergonomic handle

The Olivia Garden's ergonomic handles feature non-slip material to ensure maximum comfort.

Removable divider

As with many blow-drying and styling techniques, it's important to part your hair. The Olivia Garden brush handle-end delimiter is perfect for professional hair parting. Precise styling becomes quite easy.

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