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Orient Ataraxia Body Wash

Orient Ataraxia Body Wash

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Uses natural foaming agents to gently remove excess oil without irritation

The scent of citrus combined with cedarwood essential oil can promote relaxation and regain inner peace.

Main ingredients

Plant-derived foaming agent – ​​gently cleanses skin

Pentavitin ® – locks in water and moisturizes, prevents skin moisture loss, and achieves 72 hours of deep and long-lasting moisturizing

Piroctone Olamine – anti-acne factor, inhibits the growth of acne bacteria

Fragrance: bergamot. Cedar wood. Vetiver

Top notes – the citrusy aroma of tangerine and bergamot. The fresh fruity aroma is energetic and can make you feel happy and relieve stress.

Middle and base notes – the warm woody and earthy notes of vetiver blend perfectly to create a calming woody fragrance, which helps to relax and calm the mind, and regain inner peace.

Suitable for: all skin types

Capacity: 350ml / 11.8 fl. oz.

Origin: Taiwan

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