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Orient Field Shampoo & Body Wash field shampoo and body wash set

Orient Field Shampoo & Body Wash field shampoo and body wash set

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Cool mint allows you to slow down and enjoy the fresh scent brought by the breeze

The aroma of herbs is rich in the scent of nature, as if you are in the fields

Shampoo Shampoo/ Product Features :

Peppermint essential oil – cools and soothes the scalp and removes scalp odor

Plant-derived foaming agent – ​​gently cleanses scalp and hair

Vitamin B5 – strengthens hair and strengthens hair cuticles

Zinc Gluconate – Reduces scalp oil secretion

Piroctone Olamine – Conditions and maintains scalp health

Bodywash Shower Gel/ Product Features :

Peppermint essential oil – the cooling scent lifts the spirit and helps the skin breathe

Plant-derived foaming agent – ​​gently cleanses skin

Pentavitin ® – locks in water and moisturizes, prevents skin moisture loss, and achieves 72 hours of deep and long-lasting moisturizing

Zinc Gluconate – slows down skin oil production

Piroctone Olamine – Maintain skin health

Fragrance: mint. Palmarosa. Petitgrain

The top note is mint, which exudes a refreshing aroma, accompanied by the delicate and refreshing scent of palmarosa.

The middle and aftertaste is represented by petitgrain leaves from France, adding a green herbal undertone.

Top notes – mint, palmarosa

Middle and base notes – petitgrain

Applicable to: All hair/skin types (no added silicone)

Suggestions for use: Let the shampoo/shower gel stay on the scalp/skin for 1-3 minutes to allow the peppermint essential oil to exert its cooling, refreshing and purifying effects.

(No added silicone, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, nonylphenol)

Capacity: 350ml / 11.8 fl. oz.

Origin: Taiwan

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