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PRORASO pre-shave softening balm-1948 classic

PRORASO pre-shave softening balm-1948 classic

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The first product of the Proraso series is not only so popular among Italian men and barbers, but also recommended by barbers all over the world. Developed specifically for men's beards, Proraso's pre-shave balm has an extra-rich, concentrated, non-greasy texture that softens fibrous roots while cooling ingredients leave your face feeling refreshed and energized . The best products for a perfect shave


Natural ingredients do not irritate the skin. Eucalyptus oil and glycerin are added to soothe and astringe the skin to reduce irritation, soften the beard and make it easier to shave, and reduce discomfort during shaving. Finally, the mint ingredient brings a cool and refreshing feeling after shaving . The best shaving products for summer.

.Dermatologist tested

.Paraben-free and silicone- free

.Contains no mineral oil, SLS artificial coloring

.Over 95 % natural and fully made in Italy

.Capacity : 100ml

How to use: Before shaving, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the beard. You can massage it for about 1 minute , preferably with a hot towel. No need to rinse, you can directly apply shaving cream ... and other lubricating products.


^Generally, the effect of beard oil or beard cream is to form a protective layer on the skin before shaving or make the beard smoother, which is helpful to reduce the irritation of the beard blade on the skin and increase the smoothness during shaving .

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