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R3 System Conditioner Instant Antioxidant Repair Conditioner

R3 System Conditioner Instant Antioxidant Repair Conditioner

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Designed for different types of hair, including thick, thin and damaged hair, it contains highly repairing and repairing ingredients, which can quickly replenish lost moisture and nutrients, tighten the scaly surface, strengthen hair, and restore health. Contains a variety of cationic, PCA sodium and other hair care ingredients to restore damaged hair to softness, smoothness, silkiness, brightness and lightness.

Usage volume: 5ml/each time

Ingredients :

Moisturizing factor (NaPCA) : Known as natural moisturizing factor, it is a hair softener that can make hair moist, softer and more elastic, and can also moisturize the scalp layer. It is the first product on the market that can be used for both hair and scalp care. white.

Menthol : Has a cooling sensation and anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties.

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